Interactive 360 Virtual Tour of gallery space for Japan House London. Step into the 'World of Anno Mitsumasa' with this audiovisual, exhibition experience.
Client: Japan House London

Interactive 360 Virtual Tour for Galleries. An art exhibition for Japan House London. Step into the ‘World of Anno Mitsumasa’ with this audiovisual exhibition experience.

Client: Japan House London
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“Immersed 360 captured a 360 tour of one of our exhibitions. Wanting to use this material to boost our online offerings during the COVID-19 crisis, we asked Dean at Immersed 360 to create a truly interactive virtual version of our exhibition, with soundtracks, pop-up artworks and the capacity for 360-degree exploration – all of which was delivered in an on-brand way and adjusted to our requirements. Immersed 360 was quick, efficient and a pleasure to work with. Their finished product has been one of our strongest and most-visited online offerings this year, and we look forward to producing such virtual tours with Immersed 360 in the future.”

Stephanie Marley – Japan House

About this 360 virtual tour

How long does it take to shoot 360 virtual tour photography?

This 360 Virtual Tour was shot over the space of a half day. Capturing the exhibition ‘World of Anno Mitsumasa’ for Japan House London. The 360 Virtual Tour consists of seven portals and over a hundred interactive hotspots. Navigate the exhibition, learn about the artist and view the artworks. A truly immersive fully interactive 360 virtual gallery tour.

Why Immersed 360 is a great choice for high-end 360 photography

We use the latest digital cameras on our own custom gimbal. Shooting the 360 tour with professional DSLR cameras allow us to shoot high resolution imagery (200 megapixel). A high dynamic range lets us showcase your space in the best possible light. We can shoot 360 virtual tour photography in any light and in any location. We can also shoot stunning 360 images outdoors, great for showcasing all your space has to offer.

High-end image editing

Editing is a vital step in creating stunning 360 virtual tours. Once we have skilfully shot all the 360 portals of your property. We get to work first cleaning all imagery from the shoot. making sure everything looks fresh, sharp and nicely lit. Fixing the colour balance and subtly colour grading giving your images real impact and a modern feel.

360 Virtual Tour Photography Hosting and branding

We host your 360 tour for you, anyone with the web link can view the tour. We also provide you with code that allows you to host your tour on your own website. This makes it easy for you to share the tour with your audience. The tour is custom to you and can feature your companies branding. You can add lots of great content to your 360 tour such as videos, text and images. The 360 virtual tour works across desktop, smart phones, tablets and even in VR headsets.

360 Virtual Tour for Galleries and Museum spaces by Immersed 360
360 Virtual Tour for Galleries and Museum spaces by Immersed 360

About the 360 virtual exhibition

Take a brief look around or delve deeper into the eight distinct areas of the exhibition held at Japan House London, clicking on artworks and text for further insights into Anno’s works. You can see a short video of how to use the tour here.

To get the full experience, click on the full screen icon on the top right-hand corner of the tour. The audio can be muted by clicking the speaker icon.

For a deeper insight into the artist himself and the different themes from the exhibition, see our ‘In Depth’ section below.

This exhibition, curated especially by Japan House London, celebrates the life and works of one of Japan’s most beloved and prolific artists, Anno Mitsumasa, who is best known for his picture books with few or no words.